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Local people have been trading at The Hopmarket in Worcester for almost 300 years.

Even before the imposing four storey Hopmarket Hotel and bank was built at the turn of the 20th century, hop merchants were buying and selling local produce on the site as far back as the 1730s. While the hops have gone and the hotel has long since closed, the building is now home to a treasure trove of quirky curios.

The Foregate in the late 1890s (Credit - Worcester City Museum collection)

A workhouse for the parish of St Nicholas was built here in 1699, which became The Hopmarket in 1731. The old site was demolished in the early 1900s and replaced with buildings which remain to this day.


The Foregate in the late 1890s


A sale day in The Hopmarket in the late 1890s

Worcester’s Hop Fair was traditionally held on 19 September, at which surplus hops were sold to dealers from across the country; typically 50,000 pockets of hops were sold each year at The Hopmarket.

The Hopmarket viewed from The Foregate

This image shows the development of the site in the early 1900s, on its way to becoming a bank and a hotel. Notice that the widening of The Foregate was only partially complete but was soon to provide much improved access for early 20th century traffic.

(Credit - Worcester City Museum Collection)

Hopmarket Hopmarket

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The Hopmarket has a wonderful selection of small independent businesses offering a wide range of product and services from beauty treatments to clothes, flowers and leather bags.

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Shopping at the Hopmarket means you are not only helping small independent businesses but also the local community